Club Codes

LEGO have revamped their club code section. Codes can now be entered on the LEGO Club homepage, or you can click on the codes on this page to enter them automatically.


Instructions to build a coast guard boat from the sets 60014 Coast Guard Patrol and 60013 Coast Guard Helicopter. (PDF)


An interview with LEGO Senior Design Manager Simon Kent about the “Be a LEGO Creator Building Competition”. (PDF)


Solution to a Chima word unscramble puzzle in the LEGO Club Magazine. (PDF)


Downloadable building instructions to build Max’s head. (PDF)


Downloadable poster of some LEGO Collectable Minifigures playing the dots and boxes game on a tablet. (PDF)


Downloadable building instructions for a small helicopter. (PDF)


Allows you to download building instructions for a monster truck model from bricks included in 5867 Super Speedster. (PDF)


Downloadable building instructions for the Sunken Ship Restaurant from Spungebob. (PDF)


Downloadable building instructions for furnature for Max’s beach house. (PDF)


Downloadable building instructions for a dressing room for Stephanie from the Friends series. (PDF)


Information about a LEGO Star Wars drawing competition. (PDF)


Downloadable building instructions for a large Chima figure. (PDF)


Add your own

Do you have a Club Code that’s not listed here? I’d love to add it to my collection! Please let me know what the code is in the comments section below.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trailer in LEGO

On  New Years Day this year I went to the cinema to see the second Hobbit movie: The Desolation of Smaug.

Incredibly, the trailer has been remade in Lego. Check it out:

Also see the side-by-side comparison with the original trailer:

I really like how they’ve managed to create then-unreleased minifigures such as Thranduil and Radagast from other parts. The water effect is pretty amazing as well.