The LEGO Man

Awhile ago we went to visit this guy who calls himself ”The LEGO Man”. He lives in Angaston, South Australia, and claims to own every set LEGO has released going […]

Medieval Castle

A friend of mine sent me photos of his medieval castle. It’s pretty cool, so I thought I’d post them here.

Legoland Cafe

Looking for a place to relax after work or have a nice time out with friends? Look no further than the Legoland Cafe, frequented by minifigures of all themes.

LEGO Universe Interviews

This is a series of interviews I created. Needa Story (reporter) and Wanna Scoop (camera) work together, visiting the highs and lows of the LEGO Universe to bring the accounts […]

Lego Headquaters

I have always had a need for a headquarters building for my minifigures who have no building of their own. This is a fairly early iteration, but I’m still pretty […]